January 3, 2019

New Year Resolution

Focus on writing and publish at least an article on Medium Better time management between work, growth, and family Finish Deep Learning course on Coursera Communicate ideas better Travel more Figure out how to earn side income

March 20, 2018

Writing From Mobile Part 1

When I (re)started this blog, it was out of curiosity to try out Hugo. Sounds cool to use a geeky tool and not depend on a CMS like WordPress right? Unfortunately, the coolness factor comes at a cost – difficult to write and publish posts without a computer nearby. Not the end of the world though! Quite some time back, when I was playing with Hugo, I also learn of the platform called Netlify. Read more

January 21, 2018

Short Intro

Hi. I’m Faruq Rasid — my actual name is pretty long though. This blog is going to be a wall of my reflections on life, travels, and tech. Just a bit about myself, I started learning programming on my own when I was 11 years old. Like many others, my first language was HTML (yeah, not really a language, I know). Back then, sites were coded with HTML tables, has flashy GIFs (pronounced jeef) and midi files playing when the site is loaded — totally a different era. Read more

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