January 21, 2018

Short Intro


I’m Faruq Rasid — my actual name is pretty long though. This blog is going to be a wall of my reflections on life, travels, and tech.

Just a bit about myself, I started learning programming on my own when I was 11 years old. Like many others, my first language was HTML (yeah, not really a language, I know). Back then, sites were coded with HTML tables, has flashy GIFs (pronounced jeef) and midi files playing when the site is loaded — totally a different era.

Anyway! Progressively, I moved to JS, PHP, C/C++ and tried a dozen of other languages along the way. I actually tried C++ first before PHP but couldn’t grasp it (WTH are pointers!?) so I dropped it first and picked up PHP. Back then frameworks wasn’t a thing yet too. Everything is done from scratch!

Fast forward to today, I mostly work with Android (Java), Golang, PHP, NodeJS, React (Typescript). In my opinion, getting started with software programming these days is 10 times easier than when I started. And most interestingly, previously it was a geeky profession but now, a cool thing to dabble with these days. Amazing how times have changed in just a decade.

I’m looking forward attempt picking up Rust next (just for fun). Let’s hope I can find time for that and to blog about my journey with it too!

© Faruq Rasid 2018