March 20, 2018

Writing From Mobile Part 1

When I (re)started this blog, it was out of curiosity to try out Hugo. Sounds cool to use a geeky tool and not depend on a CMS like WordPress right? Unfortunately, the coolness factor comes at a cost – difficult to write and publish posts without a computer nearby.

Not the end of the world though! Quite some time back, when I was playing with Hugo, I also learn of the platform called Netlify. To my amazement, we now have services (such as Netlify) which solely focus on hosting static sites! Best of all, FREE hosting!

So here I am, decided to go on -the journey- to setup my Hugo blog, which was at first hosted on GitHub pages, on Netlify. Why? Just so that I can write this post on mobile, commit it to my git, and Netlify auto builds it!

Surprisingly, setting up Netlify was a breeze! I just followed through their setup wizard, and then:

  1. Point to my blog source git
  2. Specify to run the command hugo
  3. Set which hugo version to build with
  4. Specify the directory hugo outputs to (by default public)

And that’s it! My site is live! Okay, no, actually a few more steps to use custom domain. But I promise you, it’s a breeze!

I wrote this post on my iPhone with the Bear app. Let’s try publishing this! Till then folks.

© Faruq Rasid 2018